About Us

The Faculty of Health Sciences focuses mostly on programmes that relate to health. It has been in existence since 2011. Currently, the Faculty runs three (3) programmes, namely, Dispensing Technology, Medical Laboratory Technology, and Science and Industrial Laboratory Technology.


To be a leading centre of excellence in innovative research and teaching in health sciences in Africa.



Creating the foundation for transfer of knowledge and technology to support and improve the quality of services in healthcare, industries and society


Management of the Faculty

A Dean heads the Faculty and he is assisted by a Vice Dean with the support of an Assistant Registrar and an Administrative Assistant.


Student Population

The Faculty has a total student population of seven hundred and five (705).



The Faculty has a total of eighteen (18) full-time lecturers of which five (5) are females.


Staff Development and Recruitment

Currently five (5) members of staff are pursuing Doctorate degrees and one (1) Bachelor degree.On recruitment of staff, four (4) applicants three (3) in the Department of Laboratory Technology and one (1) in Pharmaceutical Sciences, who were interviewed and recommended for appointment two years ago have not received appointment letters to date, as the University awaits financial clearance



The Faculty has collaboration with the following Institutions:

  • Intravenous Infusions Limited of Ghana – Koforidua,
  • Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine – Mampong – Akwapim.
  • Salom Pharmacy Limited – Asokore Mampong Trade Winds Chemists Ltd. – Asokore Mampong
  • speed Pharmaceuticals Ltd. - Ejisu.


Some challenges confronting the Faculty are:

  • Limited number of office logistics
  • Number of lecturers do not commensurate with the student population in the Faculty.

Future Plans

The Faculty intends to introduce new departments and programmes